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Lucas Wolenczak
24 December 2018 @ 06:45 pm
"You've reached Lucas. If this is anyone on the SeaQuest, yes, I'm behaving. If it's anyone else, leave a message. I'll get back to you when I get around to it."

Lucas Wolenczak
30 August 2007 @ 04:28 pm
Lucas had finished packing last night, but he still had time before the boat came to take him to a UEO base. From there, he'd find some means of transport to get to where the new SeaQuest was being built. He'd been waiting for this since they'd dropped him here at the beginning of the year. Fandom had its perks that he'd miss a little, but he was used to moving around so this was just another case of going onto the next big thing.

Plus, he was going to get to see Darwin again.

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Lucas Wolenczak
23 July 2007 @ 11:46 pm

Cal (Callisto/Seely/Zack/Jo/Ares) has a broken keyboard. She can do an awesome impersonation of a keyboardsmash or a kitty trying to type with giant paws, but unfortunately any coherent typing isn't possible. Send her a new one! Or, y'know, just deal with the fact that she won't be around for a bit.
Lucas Wolenczak
15 July 2007 @ 01:08 pm
Lucas was a dork. He was a highly intelligent dork. We could sit here reading about his credentials and how awesomely Marty Stuish he was in canon, but that's not important right now. And, in fact, it's really quite boring. The important part was that, although highly intelligent and having a high technical aptitude, he was also a dork who often had to deal with the consequences of his hastiness.

That was why he was magnetically sealed in his own room thanks to a magnetic lock on the door and window gone wrong. Well, not wrong if you asked him, because it worked perfectly. The room was impenetrable unless you were small enough to deal with the room's ventilation. Unfortunately, the part that he hadn't thought about was how to undo it.

He could absolutely, definitely undo it. It could be done. It would be done. Just not right now because he couldn't think of a solution yet. He was pondering another attempt when the phone rang.

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Lucas Wolenczak
28 April 2007 @ 11:13 pm
"Greg, wake up! We're gonna miss Bill Nye the Science Guy!" He threw a pillow at his roommate. "If you don't get up, I'm watching it without you."

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Lucas Wolenczak
08 March 2007 @ 10:41 am
Lucas had returned from class and flopped onto his bed. Some kind of contraption was in the process of being built and even though he'd been away for a few hours, he knew exactly where he'd left everything and started work on it without too much thought.

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Lucas Wolenczak
23 February 2007 @ 11:23 am
We have a chat going if you're involved in the plot and want to come along to coordinate and mock Mozart's hair and whatnot.

The chat's called yeoldefandom. Either invite yourself in or ping me on AIM at highonfandom for an invite.
Lucas Wolenczak
The day had started off okay. The sun had come up like it usually did, at least until it was masked by an oncoming storm. Lucas and Katara had spent the night at The Navy Colt owned by a much older and grizzly version of Calamity Jane Canary, a version that seemed to even know about the 2007 version of Fandom.

Lucas and Katara had to wait until evening to try the portal in the Preserve again, and while they'd managed a little exploring, they mostly had to keep out of sight, lest they run into Mayor Snidley Whiplash again. Lucas, for one, really didn't want to be tied to superfluous train tracks again.

Lucas spent most of the day brooding about getting them stuck here, at least until they'd seen the army of samurai fishmen walking up from the ocean. They were armed and armored and looked ready for battle. It was at that point that they'd rushed to tell someone what was going on. Word spread quickly, and soon the entire town found their front fighting being pushed up towards the old castle. The townfolk were spooked by the castle, but it was either that or death. The samurai fishmen, on the other hand, were regrouping.

But there was no doubt about it. Fandom was in the midst of an invasion.

[OOC: All of this is happening nearly 200 years in the past, so it won't affect modern day Fandom. OCD coming! ETA: Portal travellers, come on in and join the battle!]
Lucas Wolenczak
Lucas burst through the back doors of the dorms lower level and into the open air. It was cold out, but he didn't care even if he was still in his amazing technicolor bathrobe. At least he had shoes on. The device in his right hand was letting off an annoying soft squealing sound. He'd been working on it since his first week in Fandom, trying to find a scientific reason behind all of the different people that came from different time periods. This island had to be some kind of gateway, and he intended to investigate the implications of such a theory.

Last night Lucas had switched the device on, hoping that if it worked it would be able to detect and record readings from irregularities in normal space-time. Most of the research he'd found about this kind of thing was all theoretical. But Lucas was a practical guy. He liked to have his readings right in front of him where he could make sense of them. The device had turned on and he'd followed it out of the dorms and into the Preserve where he'd seen...something. He wasn't sure what. By the time he got close enough, the thing had snapped shut. But now the device was squealing again, indicating that the portal had reopened.

Lucas broke into a run to the place he'd been last night, and sure enough there it was. Not far into the Preserve, but far enough to be just out of sight. As he approached it, he started to feel the slight breeze that came from the portal and he caught sight of the weird light fluctuations it gave off.

This time he had time to get readings, to experiment. A decent-sized stick thrown through the portal made it disappear. It didn't reappear out the other end. Lucas knew he was on to something. As the portal snapped shut again and the device stopped squealing, he also knew he absolutely, positively knew that he had to keep this quiet. This was his find, he reasoned as he headed back to the dorms, and nobody else was going to get involved unless he wanted them to.

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Lucas Wolenczak
08 January 2007 @ 09:55 pm
"Yeah, thanks a lot," Lucas said to the nondescript UEO seaman who had dropped him off. He stepped up onto the dock, barely having enough time to grab his dufflebag and laptop before the seaman started up the boat's engine again.

Captain Bridger had said that this would be a good opportunity to make nice with kids his own age. Lucas Wolenczak knew better. The Captain probably thought he was doing the right thing, but in reality he was just getting Lucas out of the way while the new SeaQuest was built. He knew he could help, and he knew that there were things on the new sub that could have been better with his assistance, but he didn't have any say in the matter.

He couldn't stay and help. He was here now, at school. Looking up at Fandom High, Lucas had severe doubts about this school thing. This didn't look like any school he'd seen, except maybe in Switzerland.

But again, he didn't have much of a choice. It was either the school or keep standing on the dock. School won out and he started walking.

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